Time Management Workshop

Posted on: 24 September 2016

Time Management Workshop

Time is limited. Death is certain. However, our intention to live a productive life and to serve Allah (Sobahanh Wata'alah) and His creation will itself be enough to count as a positive action.

If you study the seerah (life of Prophet Muhammad -peace be upon him) with specific focus on his daily and regular routines, it is an eye-opener. How meticulous he was in planning every aspect of his day; how he prioritized tasks; how serious he was about keeping his word and how he kept his speech precise and not indulging in idle talk. He was the best of creation, Khayru-l-Khalq, and it is natural we should learn from his example.

In this workshop, Dr. Mohtashim, took us with jorney that has been focused on how graduate students at SIUC could perfectly managing his/her time within a given pressure of daily tasks from classes, research,and other tasks. Dr.Mohtashim

There will be more workshops on the road-Insahllah

Presented by Dr. Mohtashim Shamsi