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--A message from Carbondale Muslim Center--



Asalaamu Alaikum, May God’s peace and blessings be with you,


Our community is mourning the loss of 50 Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand who were massacred while worshipping at two Christchurch mosques during Friday prayers.  Our hearts ache for all those affected. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.  We pray for the injured, that God protect them and grant them a full and swift recovery.  And we pray for an end to all violence and inhumanity around the world.  We pray for everyone’s safety and ask that community members please remain vigilant and take extra precautions particularly at the mosque. 

During this time of increased divisiveness, alienation, and hateful rhetoric in public discourse – we ask that everyone treat others with compassion and empathy.  Let us counter the hate and division with love and solidarity. 

We would also like express our heartfelt appreciation for all our wonderful friends and neighbors from different organizations and religious institutions around Carbondale.  Your constant love and support gives us strength and helps us heal during these difficult times.  Thank you to Scott Martin and others at the Carbondale Interfaith Council for organizing the vigil at our mosque and arranging for security around the mosque during Friday prayers.  We feel so blessed to have such caring friends and to be part of this incredible community.  May God shower His grace and mercy upon all of us and keep us united as one loving family. Ameen.


Thank you

Carbondale Muslim Center

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